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Statistical Analysis Of Regional Heterogeneity Of U5CM In Ethiopia child health and mortality in india

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India, on one hand, is progressing in several sectors of development but so far as women and children are concerned, India is still lagging behind. Infant mortality, maternal mortality, malnutrition among children, high prevalence of anemia among children and women, high incidence of childhood diseases, declining sex ratio of population under six years, socio-economic status of women etc. are the areas which need more attention and concerted efforts for improvement. As a result, Government of India launched a holistic programme called Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS). The ICDS scheme is the country’s comprehensive and multi-dimensional programme. ICDS is the foremost symbol of India’s commitment to her children and their mother as well. ICDS services can improve the child and maternal health and ICDS programme can make a change if it works properly at least at sub-national level. ICDS has been and is an excellent mother and child development programme. Therefore, professionals, administrators and politicians should feel obliged to continue making their contributions to the effective implementation of ICDS programme to make our future generation healthy and productive.

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