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Anne Phillips Gender and Culture cultural swarms for optimization

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The book, Trajectory Tracking Controllers for Mobile Robots: Modeling, Design and Optimization, provides a comprehensive treatment of the problems of mobile robot control. The most significant thing is to prevent the mobile robot drifting from the desired path by finding the kinematic control law, which is responsible for establishing a smooth control signal and minimizing the tracking error. In this book two optimization algorithms are developed using swarm-based optimization algorithms. The Firefly (FF), Harmony Search (HS) and Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithms are used for solving the trajectory tracking controller's tuning. This work present Hybrid Crossoved Firefly with Artificial Bee Colony (CFA-ABC) and on Hybrid Mutated Harmony Search with the Artificial Bee Colony (MHS-ABC) algorithms.The proposed control laws, including (neural, back-stepping and sliding mode) kinematic controller, are utilized to control a differential wheeled mobile robot to enhance the capability of tracking various continuous trajectories. This book is primarily intended as a mobile robot trajectory controlling and optimization course. The book would also be useful for the postgraduate students.

Смотреть видео: Taming the swarm - Collective Artificial Intelligence | Radhika Nagpal | TEDxBermuda

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