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Dental Implants in Pediatric Dentistry dental implants in pediatric dentistry

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The trend of dental implantology worldwide, namely its marginalization by numerous dentists in Macedonia, has motivated me to write a book on the matter. I aimed at introducing dental implantology in the daily activities in dental clinics. My goal was the book to serve as a basic guide in the field of implantology revealing the basic and initial steps in the field. It is intended to be used by dentistry students, young doctors and dental technicians. This book covers the historical development of implantology (in a chronological manner) from the time of Phoenicians, ancient Egyptians and the Maya civilization. Modern dental implants are divided into five groups: transdental implants, subperiosteal implants, transosteal implants, submucous implants and endosseous implants. Diagnostics, treatment plan and complete preparation of a patient to be diagnosed are described in a separate chapter. Diagnostic methods, model analysis of a patient and an analysis of the patient’s radiographic images are described. Complete diagnostics and preparations for implantation are followed by an analysis of the surgical methods for placing implants. The open and closed method and the method of placing.

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