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Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction impact of customer service elements on customer satisfaction

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The objective of the present research is to examine service quality attributes along with a measure of customer value and satisfaction to find out the direct and indirect effect on customer loyalty. Results of structural equation modeling with Partial Least Square (PLS) method of estimation revealed that the present structural model has a good fit based on the goodness of fit indices like average path coefficient (APC = 0.416, p < 0.001), Average R Square (ARS = 0.609, p < 0.001), and Average Variance Inflation Factor (AVIF = 2.533, Good if < 5). In this study, a total of forty four hypotheses were developed & tested with the help of Structural Equation Modeling. Based on the results of hypotheses testing, thirty three null hypotheses were rejected and eleven null hypotheses were accepted. The results of this study will help mobile telecommunication services providers in making strategic decisions on marketing activities based on service quality perceptions, customer value, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Future studies can look at developing a richer model that incorporates other constructs like company’s revenue and profitability ahead of the four used in this study.

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