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King Solomons Mines jerome k jerome three men in a boat

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Vikram Seth has gained reputation as a serious writer with a tremendous potential. Most of Seth’s protagonists are educated and animated men and women mostly exposed to western ideas. The emotional upheavals in the minds of these characters and their reactions to various issues, who are caught at between culture, tradition and modernity, east and west, are susceptible to treatment from a very humanist and sympathetic perception.This book author tries his best to evaluate the novels of Seths'Novelettes in cultural perspective.Seths' three novels, The Golden Gate, A Suitable Boy and An Equal Music, set in three different continents, enter the 'ethos and mental climate' of each location with such ease and confidence that it becomes pointless to attempt to put a national label on him. Transcending of boundaries or dismantling a given format is something that Seth does with elegance and precision.

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