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The Complete Garden Expert meditative garden mandala coloring book

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An all-in-one gardening book by the world’s best-selling gardening author. In its 256 pages the beginner can find the answers to all those questions and problems which crop up. For experienced gardeners it is an invaluable source book to those areas where they may lack information or experience. ·Find out about garden styles and the secrets of good design ·Learn about your plants ·Check effects of the weather on your garden ·Learn how to identify and improve your soil ·Choose the best flowers for borders, bedding and containers ·Learn about all the essential tasks for the gardener ·Plan the planting, growing and picking of vegetables ·Find out how to choose the right tools ·Learn how to pick the right trees and shrubs for your garden ·Put a name to plant troubles and weeds plus the up-to-date way to control them ·Find the best way to look after fruit trees ·Care for and prune roses ·Learn about all the features in your garden ·Keep your lawn in the best condition ·Pick the right greenhouse for your needs ·And much, much more The Complete Garden Expert is the latest addition to the world’s best-selling garden book series. It is packed with full-colour photographs, practical diagrams and Expert-style copy to provide a unique guide to every part of the garden.


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