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Complete Crochet Course nicky epstein crochet for dolls

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Part art book, part craft kit, 100% fun: this book contains thirty-two dolls, hundreds of clothing and accessory options, how-to for custom dolls and clothes and craft projects. A short time ago, the author discovered that there is a hidden demand for paper dolls when she listed a set of three in her shop (for $16) and promptly sold hundreds. Some people played with them and some framed them. This book was created as a grander version of her successful experiment. Fans will snap up this book for the original art alone, while crafters will love the easy approach to making customised paper projects. Readers can copy pages as templates, but they can also cut pages straight from the book! With 32 pages of cardstock, readers just need scissors and glue to get started on a craft project. Once the doll(s) are created they can be used for scrap-booking, greetings cards (think customised wedding invitations made easy), frameable family portraits and more. From the instructions for using inks and paint for custom dolls and clothes to the craft projects themselves, this is a sophisticated take on a nostalgic craft.

Смотреть видео: "Nicky Crochets for Dolls" with Nicky Epstein on the PlanetPurl com Party Line 10-2-13

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