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A feminist reading examines how women in the Bible respond to the challenges they faced. First it shows the life of women of the bible from both books, the Old Testament and New Testament. Then it tries to see what the set role of the women of the bible on the particular society. As it has been said for long time the place of women in all society is almost the same, which is next to men not equal. Feminists aimed at ending this patriarchal practice of the society. People who read the Bible criticize that it also subjugates women. And many critics have carried out number of researches on the bible. They have different perspective in it i.e. some says Bible is against women''s right and others explain that the Bible is not a book that declares human inequality but is the book of life. Apart from these out looks we find women who are unconventional in the Bible. Through the real story two unconventional women acted beyond what actually expected by the culture they were lived in. These women are Rahab from Old Testament and the Samaritan women at the well from New Testament.

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