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Educational philosophy and moodle-based academic vocabulary learning qualitative research in education

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Toronto is enforcing active policy to promote food and healthy lifestyles. This qualitative research is focused on the meaning children(8-11 years) at an elementary school in Toronto attributed to food and healthy food. The approach is from a child-centered perspective. These children are offered an extensive education program on food, health education with cognitive lessons, participation in food production by working in the school garden and consummation by a daily fresh healthy lunch. By daily attention for food in the school curriculum and the coordination and integration of different education forms, food is seen as an important part that influences people’s health. Alienation of food and food production seem to be resisted by these programs on food education. The difference between knowing and actual behavior, between knowledge of good food on one hand and responsible choices for food on the other hand, seems to become reduced. Obviously, schools have an important influence; also the family plays a role. Besides teachers, also the parents’ opinions are included in this research. This book gives a detailed children's view on participation in food education and food production.

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