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Industrial Design Education qualitative research in education

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One of the most unprecedented challenges that are bound to confront educational development in the next millennium is the issue of standard in education. The last three decades had quantitative social demand with every household craving for multiple graduates. However, the persistent fall in the standard of education is now bothering the Government and Stakeholders. With this, attention is now being shifted from quantitative education to qualitative education, hence the introduction of Total Quality Control by government agencies via monitoring and supervision. Past researchers` investigations have been on social demand of education with just few concentrating on the qualitative aspect in most developing countries. This book therefore provides multiple approaches on detecting ways through which quality standard education can be increasingly achieved, maintained and sustained. Five hypotheses were postulated and tested while independent t-test statistics were used in the analysis of data. The result help shed light on the effect of punctuality and regularity of students and staff at lectures amongst other variables on Total Quality Control Measures at Tertiary Institutions.

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