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Safe Motherhood in Zambia: whats known? safe motherhood interventions

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Development of motherhood identity is the process for a woman to learn motherhood behaviors. During this process, formation of motherhood identity points out that motherhood role –namely, becoming a mother- has been acquired. Transition to motherhood is an important process in a woman’s life. The education provided by the nurses to the mothers who give birth to their first child about self-care and baby care eliminates mothers’ anxiety and increases their self-sufficiency feelings and thus makes positive contributions to My Baby perception and motherhood role acquisition. Hence, this study has developed and investigated the effect of the training for the development of motherhood identity upon acquisition of motherhood role and My baby perception among the primiparous women. The study provides that the training of identification development given for the mothers affected in positive way on the maternal role acquisition and My Baby perception. For these reasons, it may be suggested that the training supporting to maternal identification development should be given to the primipar mothers, and that the mothers should be supported about succesful maternal behaviours.

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