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Service Delivery Analysis of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation service is power

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Service discoverability is one of the quality attribute of service oriented architecture (SOA) which has significance among its stakeholders. Service discoverability enables to identify the appropriate service relevant to the context, which would in turn enhance reusability and composability. A metric suite for service discoverability is proposed and it addresses the aspects and their constituents. Bottom up approach is adopted to formulate the metric suite. As per the approach the measures such as checking service contract, checking the metadata relevance, exact positioning are the metrics formulated for service discovery constituent. These measures in turn have been used to formulate metric for service discovery. The measures such as availability, compliance, throughput, and response time etc., for QoS data were formulated, which contributes to the interpretability measure. The measures such as described service operation and semantic elements have been framed for functional data. Functional data measure and QoS data measure, put together formulate the interpretability metric. Finally discoverability is measured with service discovery and service interpretability measures.

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