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Global inclines in the female breast carcinoma is a matter of concern for the masses and the experts. It may arise from any of the breast-duct lining cells; the luminal, inner-basal, outer-basal myo-epithelial / myo-fibrillar, breast duct-stem cells, and from their metaplastic and down regulatory primitive derivative cells. In view of defining molecular etiology of disease, new variants of female breast-duct carcinoma are being frequently identified, requiring accommodation in the classification of breast-carcinoma. This book reviews Naim and Murad morpho-molecular classification of the breast-duct carcinoma presenting almost all reported types of disease with micro-photographs of many rare variants of the disease. Further, it presents study of serum adiponectin adipokine, and it's relevant gene in the variants of female breast-duct carcinoma.Presently, in north Indian women, breast-carcinoma variants showed adiponectin deficiency, not related to SNP rs2241766, but, suggestive of scope for evidence based adiponectin /promoter therapy in the breast carcinoma patients. Hopefully, it will benefit medical UGs, PGs, specialists, therapeutics, and researchers in medicine and life scienc

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