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The Ex Factor the ex factor

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Stress risers, geometric irregularities that break the uniformity of a material, cause a predictable increase in stress. The stress concentration, expressed as the maximum stress under loading divided by the nominal stress, can mathematically calculate the maximum stress for different loadings. The following exercise explores the effect of a hole in an uniform rectangular .When a uniaxial load is applied to the plate, the stress adjacent to the hole increases dramatically more than the area closest to the edge of hole. The design of experimental choose the various parameter like hole diameter, width of plate and thickness of the plate change in to the study of experiential. Experimentally stress concentration factor (SCF) find out by the data of experimental. As a second opinion, ANSYS was used to verify and visually render the stress concentrations over the surface of the plates. Experimental stress concentration factor compare with FEA stress concentration factor. Relation between stress concentration factors with stress intensity factor (SIF) by elliptical hole in ANSYS. Key words – Stress Concentration Factor (SCF), Stress Intensity Factor (SIF), ANSYS, Simulation

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