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Heart Fitness By Exercise the men s fitness exercise bible

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This book sets out to show the valuable role of the Bible in religious studies despite our being Muslims, Christians, Rastafarian, Baha’i, Buddhist, Jain, Judaism, Sikhs, Taoists and so on. Issues raised include: What is the bible? What makes the Bible attractive to all categories of people hence special to all? Did Moses write the Pentateuch? When did the Bible become scripture? What are the synoptic problem and infancy narratives? The process of canonization, Why it took long for the gospels to be written, Why did it take so long in becoming the books of the church? What are the apocrypha books? What are the classifications of apocrypha books? What is the central message of the Bible? What is the nature of Translations of the bible throughout history? What are the resources for Bible reading? What are the three authorities in Christian religion? What are the tasks of Biblical critical methods? How do Christians respond to ethical issues such as poverty, globalization, deviant sexuality, gender divide, ecology, race relations, and politics? It is a necessary reading for beginners in religious studies across the world universities

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